Chutes systems generally are used for Trash, Linen or Recycling.  it is important to understand all the building codes in the jurisdiction of the chute installation.  For instance, chutes are constructed from Aluminum-coated cold-rolled commercial quality, steel sheet ASTM A463, Type 1 with T1-40 coating. Material to be U.S. No. 16 gauge (0.062-inch thick).  Chutes normally commence on the lowest floor and are installed through the entire building penetrating the roof full size (24″ diameter).  Termination point is normally 6’0″ above the highest roof.

Standard intake doors for a Trash Chute are 15″x18″ and for Linen Chutes 18″x18″.  You must include in your installation a fire stop separating the compactor room for the floors above.  Sprinkler system that normally is prepared by the chute manufacturer.  Sanitary wash down system to maintain a healthy chute.

All-City provides a complete layout and design submitted to the architect for approval prior to commencement of any work.

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