Founded in 1992, ALL-CITY METAL

is a leader in the Trash Chute and Linen Chute industry. We are a full service company designing and manufacturing our products onsite in the USA. We offer a variety of products including Trash Compactors, Trash Chute Doors, Linen Chute Doors, accessories, hardware, and components. All items are available in standard and custom specifications. We welcome you to explore our site and contact us any time to start your project, place your order, or request additional information.



All-City's chutes are manufactured from 16 gauge Aluminized Steel - ASTM A463, Type 1 with T1-40 coating. The steel is hot dipped at the mill with an aluminum/silicon coating. The general use is for Trash, Linen and Recyclable items. The NFPA-82 standard is 24" diameter for Chutes can be designed and fabricated at different diameters ranging from 36" to 16" round. Chutes are welded at seams and factory treated with sound deadening material upon request. Sound deadening meterials can meet LEED qualification if required.

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Chute Doors

Doors are fabricated with type 304 Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel hinges, with a self-closing, self-latching quiet door closing function. Classified "UL" Class B labeled: 1-1/2 hour fire rated with 30-minute temperature rise of 250 degrees Farenheit and a frame suitable for enclosing multiple type chase construction. Doors are provided with key locking devices at each intake door location. Door trim embossing is an option to match chute function: RUBBISH, LINEN, or RECYCLE.

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All-City Metal's Compactor is a hydraulically operated horizontal extruder-type unit. Compacted refuse can be extruded into continuous plastic tubing, individual plastic bags, reusable two cubic yard containers, or other types of containers.

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What makes All City Metal special?

Innovative Technology

Providing top-of-the-line styling, performance and durability, All City’s innovative design and features insure you will find the chute system that is ideal for your need.

Quintessential Components

All City prides itself in providing all the necessary materials and accessories to complete your chute needs.

Sizes to Suite Any Chute

Each chute system is custom created to suite your specific size and style need.

Comprehensive Application

The possibilities are endless when utilizing an All City Metal chute system. Our products are ideal for your hotel, motel, high-rise apartment, office building, and every public venue.

All-City Service

Established in 1992, our service will inevitably exceed your expectations. Our team of professionals is prepared to engage with your estimator, architect, engineer, design or general contract manager. Being established in New York City has enabled us to understand the different needs of every type of business.


All City proudly designs and manufacturers all its chutes and doors to your specification. Whether your chute door needs are left-hinged, bottom-hinged or right hinged, we will provide you with exactly the door to suite your specific need.